Avior argan oil

Avior Argan oil gives soft and smooth skin and hair to the consumers of this oil in a short period of time. As mentioned in Avior magazine, Avior argan oil can make your wavy or curly hair soft and smooth and make your face look even more beautiful.
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About Avior argan oil

It might be interesting to know that you can always have youthful-looking skin and hair thanks to Avior argan oil’s antioxidant formulation.

As you know, our skin and hair are in danger of many environmental effects such as UV ray, sun, cold weather, pollution, etc which can increase the risk of free radicals on the surface of the skin.

On the other hand, the accumulation of free radicals can cause diseases like skin disorders, white hair, skin wrinkles, etc.

It contains 50 ml of argan oil.

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Avior argan oil highlights

As we mentioned in Avior magazine, free radicals are molecules that lack an electron at the level of their atoms. For this reason, they easily attack other molecules to get their missing electron for neutralization.

One of the things that free radicals usually attack is the skin’s collagen. This attack causes the structure of the epidermis to break and gradually causes the skin of the person to become dry.

Antioxidants easily lend the missing electron to the free radicals and prevent them from causing damage. That’s why Avior argan oil can help you through this journey and make you have youthful-looking, beautiful hair and body skin.

If you’re struggling with frizzy hair or if your dandruff is not being treated, Avior argan oil with its instant effect can be a great choice for you.

To that purpose, you can easily spray Argan oil from a close distance to your hair and enjoy having shiny, healthy hair.

But why do many people avoid using Argan oil?

Most people replace argan oil with other things like coconut oil, almond oil and etc because of its bad smell without considering the unique benefits it has compared to other oils.

On the other hand, many people avoid using oil on their hair because they don’t want to leave their houses with oily hands.

Avior has created a solution for each of your concerns by producing Avior argan oil.

Avior argan oil ingredients

Avior argan oil is refined in Belgian laboratories and does not have any oily smell. Instead, fragrant essential oil has been added to this product, which makes your hair and hands smell good.

Besides, It’s the first sprayable agran oil produced in Iran. With that, it does not need to be applied by hand and can be applied easily with just a spray and using a comb.

Avior argan oil is formulated with the highest percentage of Moroccan argan oil, which, along with the unique properties of this product, offers you the convenient and easy use of argan oil along with the authenticity of the product.