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Avior brand has produced healthy products like Avior body spray, Avior hand & body cream, Avior body lotion, Avior lip balm, Avior rouge balm, Avior argan oil, Avior face shaving foam, Avior gift set to in order to keep your skin healthy when using cosmetics in Iran. Avior specialists have produced cosmetics using the most developed formulations to guaranty your physical and mental health and beauty.

argan oil

Avior argan oil

Avior Argan oil gives soft and smooth skin and hair to the consumers of this oil in a short period of time….

Avior body lotion

Avior body lotion provides softness, beauty, and peace to your body. Many of us are looking forward to havi…

Avior body spray

Avior body spray offers you the best fragrances worldwide from different French and best-known brands. It’s…

Avior Caring Lip Balm

Avior lip balm is enriched withVitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & shea butter, It acts as a protective b…

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