Avior Caring Lip Balm

Avior lip balm is enriched withVitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C & shea butter, It acts as a protective barrier by retaining moisture on the lips.
Avior lip balm with SPF

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About Avior Caring Lip Balm

Avior lip balm can protect, moisturize, and hydrate your lips thanks to the high dosage of shea butter and vitamins A,E,C.

Natural: To soften your lips without gloss

Pastil: softening and soothing your lips

Strawberry: To prevent kids’ lips from running dry

Aloe vera: anti-inflammatory and dryness removal

Biscuit: The amount of vitamin E is doubled to ensures a longer lifespan

Sunscreen: provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15

Avior lip balm flavors

Avior lip balm highlights

Red, swollen, and sensitive lips are all symptoms of burned lips which happens because of its vulnerability.

A simple sunburn will take 3-5 days to heal. But you can prevent it from happening by using a good lip balm which contains SPF.

When should we wear Avior lip balm with SPF? When you decide to travel to a hot and humid place like the beach or when you spend lots of time outdoors, a normal lip balm might not be able to protect your lips from UV rays. So, we suggest you to use Avior lip balm with SPF instead to protect your lips from getting sunburnt.

Avior sunscreen lip balm has a suitable SFP of 15. This shows that by using Avior sunscreen lip balm, your lips will be fully protected from the UV rays, and you no longer need to worry about long exposure to the sun.

SPF is a measure of the power of sunscreen in terms of skin protection. For example, it shows how much more your lips are being protected against UV rays when you have this lip balm on.

You should also ensure to use a hand and face cream that contains SPF when there’s sunlight.

As you know, exposure to sunlight can cause the accumulation of free radicals in human body.

Free radicals are molecules that lack an electron at the level of their atoms. For this reason, they easily attack collagen and the epidermis of the skin surface to break the structure of this protein and gain their missing electrons.

With the highest percentage of shea butter and a combination of vitamins E and C, Avior sunscreen lip balms have the highest level of antioxidants in order to fight free radicals.

Antioxidants easily lend the missing electron to them and prevent oxidative stress and protect your lips from being damaged.

Avior lip balm ingredients

  • Carnauba wax
  •  Ozokerite
  •  Wax
  •  Microcrystalline wax
  •  Lanolin
  •  Capric triglyceride
  •  Cacao butter
  •  Shea butter extract
  •  Natural flavor
  • vitamins (E, C)
  • Candelilla wax
  • Castor oil
  • Solid paraffin
  • Zinc oxide