Avior rouge balm

Avior rouge balm is not just a simple rouge. By introducing this rouge balm, Avior has made a significant step in the direction of producing healthy product. How come? As can be noticed from its name, Avior rouge balm is actually a kind of lip balm that avoids the disadvantages of rouges and reaps the benefits of lip balms.

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About Avior rouge balm

In 3 popular colors (only food color used)

Contains shea butter in order to make your lips hydrated and smooth

No lead or harmful chemicals used

It’s enriched with vitamins in order to nourish your lips


For all people with all ages

Types of Avior rouge balm

Avior rouge balm highlights

Lipsticks and rouges are one of the most useful products among ladies in the whole world. On the other hand, lipsticks are the first cosmetics product that women carry in their bags.

This shows how popular this product is among ladies. But most of them are not aware of the disadvantages of this product. It might be due to getting lost in the beauty that this product brings to their faces by its color at that moment.

But what happens to damaged lips? When the ladies face dry, chapped lips, they won’t be able to wear lipsticks. So an essential part of their beauty will be affected and remain even till a little while after their lips are healed. This is because of what lipsticks are made of.

Where do the lipstick disadvantages come from? Most lipsticks contain lead, a toxic substance easily absorbable from your lips. In fact, by using lipstick, you introduce poison into your body, which will have many serious consequences for you in the short and long term.

Lead is actually just one of the toxic substances used in lipsticks. Many lipsticks contain substances such as iron oxide, polyethylene, and titanium dioxide. These substances increase the risk of lung and breast cancers in people who use them. Does this mean that women have to choose between health and beauty?

No need to worry. Avior rouge balms are a combination of lip balm and rouge with no harmful lipstick chemicals used. By using Avior rouge balm, you’re actually wearing a tinted lip balm. Avior rouge balm gives your lips delicate colors with all advantages of a lip balm.

Avior lip balms are infused with vitamins A, E, and C. This shows that Avior lip balms have antioxidant properties and easily protect your lips from the negative effects of free radicals. The antioxidant properties of Avior lip balms are due to the benefits of vitamin E and the benefits of vitamin C

used in it.

We might face dry or chapped lips due to many reasons such as UV rays, cold weather and etc. UV rays create free radicals and make the lips dry.

What are free radicals? As mentioned in Avior magazine, free radicals are molecules that lack an electron at the level of their atoms. For this reason, they easily attack collagen and the epidermis of the skin surface to break the structure of this protein and gain its missing electron.

Antioxidants easily lend the missing electron to them and prevents your skin from being damaged. Make Avior rouge balm your choice for healthy, beautiful lips

Avior rouge balm ingredients

  • Ozokerite
  •   Microcrystalline wax
  •  Lanolin
  •  Capric triglyceride
  •  Cacao butter
  •  Shea butter extract
  •  Natural flavor
  •  vitamins (A, E, C)
  • Colour