Avior body spray

Avior body spray offers you the best fragrances worldwide from different French and best-known brands. It’s worth noting that many brands use aluminum compounds to control the smell of your sweat and deodorize your body. But these compounds cause irreparable consequences for people in the long run.

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  • Offering the best fragrances worldwide from different French and best-known brands
  • 150 ml
  • With long lasting formulation
  • Aluminum-compounds-free
  • Can be sprayed on your body and clothes directly
  • With different best-known brands of fragrances

Avior women’s body spray fragrances

Avior men’s body spray fragrances


For example, researches show that the aluminum that is in body sprays can easily be absorbed through the skin and make you face diseases such as Breast Cancer and Alzheimer. It’s amazing to know that human body doesn’t need aluminum. absorbing aluminum can even make you get some diseases which are unknown yet

So, we suggest you to be fully aware of a product’s ingredients and its possible side effects for your body before using it.

Keep calm; We have a solution for you. Avior has made a significant step in the direction of producing health friendly body sprays in Iran. These body sprays are aluminum-free and can be sprayed on your body and clothes directly.

On the other hand, Avior is trying to provide you a variety of fragrances so that you can choose the best body spray that matches your taste.

The R&D team of Avior body spray has chosen unique fragrances from the best perfume brands in the world in order to help you make more special choices than other body sprays available

Avior body spray ingredients

  • Deionized water
  •  Ethanol
  •  Propylene Glycol
  •  Propane
  •  Butane
  • Fragrance