Avior gift set

Avior gift set is a special, unique gift for the ladies. In some special occasions like: birthdays, women’s day, valentines, international day of the girl, you might wonder what an appropriate gift to buy for the ladies is. Avior gift set includes a body lotion, a hand & face cream, and a body spray. all three with the same fragrances from different French and best-known brands.

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About Avior gift set

  • Offering the best fragrances worldwide from different French and best-known brands
  • A body lotion, a hand & face cream, and a body spray all in one package
  • with a unique packaging for each fragrance
  • save money buying a package instead of buying each of the three products included separately
  • Avior gift set is provided in these 6 different well-known French fragrances:

Types of Avior gift sets

Avior gift set highlights

This gift shows your consideration and respect to the lady’s taste which makes it more valuable for them on the special occasion like the birthday, valentine’s day, international day of the girl, and etc.

You can have youthful-looking, hydrated skin thanks to argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil vitamin E and shea butter used in both Avior body lotion and Avior cream.

The Avior body sprays in these gift sets have been chosen from unique fragrances of the best perfume brands in the world in order to help you make more special choices than other body sprays available.

Don’t doubt. Avior gift set is the best gift for women on important occasions of the year. By buying Avior gift set, you will give a gift of health and beauty to the ladies. Avior gift set’s special packaging will also help you a lot to surprise your loved ones.

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